Why we love Fendi so much

13, January 2017
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This is the ultimate watch and one of my favorite watches too (totally worth the investment) .Wearing one of my favorite Chanel necklaces today and testing the Fendi watch with the Chanel bracelet for contrast. I love the simplicity of it yet the purple stone makes it distinct. I never leave accessories as an after thought.  I embrace the new but also appreciate timeless style.One can always expect exceptional creativity, innovation and craftsmanship from the iconic Fendi house.  Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director of the Fendi house and one can expect him to continue to audaciously expand the realms of both possibility and fantasy. And what is so great about Fendi pieces is that they do not look dated the way most other brands do after a while. This Fendi watch screams for attention and yet it is sophisticated and not so undone you could not wear it to a cocktail party.