Who needs a bag?

10, February 2014
  • Romper: Chanel,
  • Hat: Chanel,
  • Bag: Chanel,
  • Sandal: Giuseppe Zanotti ,
  • No Similar Looks Available

A few years ago I read an article written by some fashion editor in Europe who stated that the era of the statement bag was over and that she does not carrry a bag herself. I thought, lucky her. Thinking about it now she does have a point. I live in New York and dress as I please – come rain, snow, or sunshine. With a bag like this Chanel perfume bottle bag (sold to me by my gal Amanda at the Chanel store on 57th street), all you can fit in it is a cell phone and a credit card. So you can go anywhere, anytime, anyhow. Who needs a bag?

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