Versace body suit think pink

14, August 2016
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I am having a moment with blush or maybe  I have always been a pink girl.  Thanks to the present heat stroke I have had a chance to wear this pink  Versace body suit. I am stilly really obsessed with this Versace body suit  that I snagged a few seasons ago. The fit is perfectly lovely !  The color is just beautiful! And the cut is just right so chic and  classic.  I just fell in love! For anyone who has seen my previous Versace post my affinity for the open back is not surprising. I think it is just the classiest thing. In terms of details, you can never have enough like the leather trim  .  I love the leather trim on the body suit because it  goes  with everything so easily. It is a step in getting ready that you do not have to think about. I have found endless uses  this body suit . I am definitely  going to pick up something similar from Versace this season  so subscribe  to the blog  so that you do not  miss the posts.