The wolf pack at the Tribeca film festival

11, June 2015
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For the screening of The wolf pack documentary film, I chose to wear this Louis Vuitton wool  cape  and silk skirt with the cashmere Louis Vuitton blue sweater. The blends of textures were a fitting choice for the cool night and the combination of blue against black an unexpected twist. One that gave the outfit a chic finish.

The Wolf pack is an  anthropological study. It is the story of a family isolated in a city of eight million people. Shut away from bustling New York city by their over powering father, the Angulo brothers cope with their isolation by diligently re-enacting their favorite films. It is  through these movies that they learn everything they know about the outside world. The film was a heart felt story  despite some dark undertones. The Angulo brothers were very gracious and open in telling their story.