The Chanel tweed jacket you should have

13, May 2015
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When the kaiser of all fashion speaks, one listens when Karl Lagerfeld says that the only 3 wardrobe staples that will never go out of style are ” a pair of jeans, a white shirt and  a Chanel jacket” . Two of which I use  extensively  in my wardrobe wheel you should too.

The Chanel jacket makes perfect sense. It is of course iconic and a subject of numerous coffee table books as well as  an internationally acclaimed exhibition” The little black  jacket”. The Chanel tweed jacket   is the dream of all fashion enthusiast  everywhere. The history and craftsmanship of the jacket is impeccable and well worth the price.

Here I style  the jacket causally with the Chanel bodysuit for a relaxed look yet still fresh and chic. The  bold yellow color of the tweed makes the jacket distinct and breathes modernity to this classic piece. What makes these jackets so unique are the finishes such as the jeweled buttons and exact fit of the jacket. All details that add value to the piece and help you achieve perfection in dressing.