If you are a fashionista then you must read this

03, August 2015
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Fashion is important and like anything that gives pleasure it  is worth doing well. So dressing up is about celebrating. It is living it up glamorously . This is what differentiates the special moments from the everyday routine of our lives. What ever the occasion, you should dress like it means something.

Few of life’s celebrated moments happen spontaneously. Usually an invitation arrives weeks, if not days before. And even if you only have a couple of hour’s notice, to toast a special something or other knowing what to wear should come to mind instantly and effortlessly.

The only way that’s going to happen is by being prepared. Don’t wait for the day before, let alone the day of the event, to style yourself.  Having everything-everything- ready in advance will ensure against stress and panic ruining the fun.

The first steps in the entire process are as basic as they are consequential: taking stock and planning ahead.

Taking stock is the only way to really know what you have- and don’t have- for the party. No wardrobe is too small to overlook in this process. Be up to date regarding what is in every department of your wardrobe.

Planning ahead is essentially being prepared. A rush decision generally ends up blowing money and time. We’ve all been there just hours before a big party, racing out to the store, grabbing a pair of heels or dress that our credit card statement clearly and loudly insists we shouldn’t  be splurging on, then to the dry cleaners before running home. Pretty stressed.

Once the inventory is assessed, it’s time to do some meaningful damage  in a sensible way. Make  a list of what is missing to round of a planned look . Then go and gather those elements- before showtime.

Getting those go-to glam items ready in advance means you have the luxury to find what you love. You might even save a few bills for other fun stuff.

Before a big event or vacation, lay every outfit out on the bed. This process forces you to face what’s missing. Make  a check list of what you need and stick to it while  shopping. Otherwise you start to buy things you don’t need , it can get even  worse during a sale.

By taking stock and planning ahead, the big day will turn of glamorous and picture perfect.

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