California film what I wore

28, April 2016
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I think it goes without saying how critical a great pair of  shoe pumps is to a closet.  I wore this pair of pumps from Saint Laurent  to the screening of California- a narrative film from Brazil at the Tribeca film festival These pumps from Saint Laurent are just great and comfortable. I wanted to pair them with this leather skirt from Bebe for that Ladylike glam look but with a rock and roll vibe . This film was directed by Marina Person and is a nostalgic filled sweet coming -of-age tale about a high school student Estela growing up in Sao Paulo Brazil in the 1980’s . In the Movie Estela is doing all she can to get to California to visit her glamorous and cultured uncle Carlos of whom she looks up to and shares a love of music. As she focuses  to keep up her grades to please her parents her life is  at the same time complicated by romance and social pressures.