Roberto Cavalli jumpsuit

30, August 2016
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I have a big crush on this Roberto Cavalli jumpsuit right now. It is no secret that I love the Roberto Cavalli brand , I mean how many times have you seen his pieces in my posts or twitter feed?  A lot! The thing I like about this jumpsuit is that you  can never go wrong with it. It just always looks stylish and timeless. Whether I am in a rush to get dressed in the morning or I am struggling to find a cool out fit to go out with I can grab this jumpsuit  and attain instant chic. As the sun shines brighter and the weather warms up , you start to feel more ambitious about how to dress. The jumpsuit  is arguably the easiest piece to slip on.  Now I have teamed the Roberto Cavalli jumpsuit with the Saint Laurent shoes. The gold Saint Laurent   shoes are a perfect match for the leopard print in the jumpsuit. How many  reasons do you need to want these shoes? Their shape is just so elevated with the chunky block heel that is cooly sophisticated. And they are just the right mix of feminine and edgy.

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