Jet set life style

06, April 2016
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A little bit of luxury can look good and make your travels more comfortable. And that is very modern.  Few designers epitomize the jet-set-life style more in their fashion collections or personal life than all American favorite, Michael Kors who knows how to travel with panache. Comfort is too important to us now. But there should still be a sense of looking good when you arrive. This is a very public moment. For starters, never   get on a plane without an oversized scarf. Pull it out when the cabin becomes chilly. Nothing looks better than tied around your shoulders. Do not forget to pack a pair of sunglasses. You never want to walk through an airport without them. They are a girl’s best friend, particularly after a red-eye- flight . I am also a big believer in hats. Even if you are in coach or on a two-hour flight , you can turn a trip into your own little spa experience with a few indulgences, the whole travel process will feel better.