Louis Vuitton vest for today’s look

11, March 2017
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Keeping things light and very Louis Vuitton today loves! One of my most treasured pieces in my closet, period. The color the texture the cut…. it is an example of Louis Vuitton at its best. If you have not noticed I have been wearing fur pieces like crazy lately. I love combing different materials with fur for a little edge. But I also love pairing wool and fur for a softer look.Having matching pieces from Louis Vuitton like this fur vest, pants and blouse makes it really easy to mix materials.It makes it look like you know what you are doing  without actually having to put in effort! Anyone who has ever seen a Louis Vuitton vest in person knows how incredible they are. Always on trend, the highest quality , and  a great choice for an investment piece. It is a luxury well worth the cost.  This Louis Vuitton vest is  going  to be on repeat for many seasons to come.