Girls like her don’t care

23, February 2014

I wore these wide Chanel Gold pants the other day while shopping at the Roberto Cavalli store on Madison avenue. One of the customers saw the pants and informed me that she had purchased the safer  version in the form of an  A-line skirt. I congratulated her on her choice  and continued shopping. As luck would have it ,it began to rain. Then she said to me ” you are going to drag the hem of those pants through the puddles in the rain”.There was an audible gasp from everyone in the store.One of them said ” girls like her don’t care”.Sure enough I did not. I just ignored the green eyed monster, called Uber car service to get home. While getting into the car from the store I felt an umbrella over my head. A pan handler on the street had opened up his umbrella and said, you look too good to get wet. I love New York! Be bold not safe.