Get acquainted with the Hermes Kelly bag

18, January 2017
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The Kelly bag takes it’s name from the Hollywood glamour girl grace Kelly who later abandoned  her acting career to marry price Rainer III and become the princess of Monaco. The kelly bag was originally known as the Sac a  Depeches. It was designed in the 1930’s by Robert Dumas-Hermes. The bag was not a hit until Grace Kelly made it popular in the 1950″s after being constantly photographed with one in hand. Rumor has it that Kelly used the bag to hide her  baby bump from paparazzi while pregnant with her first child in 1956. After that the bag become a constant favorite among celebrities and luxury connoisseurs, who were willing to join long waiting lists to get a hold of one of these pieces. Calf, crocodile and ostrich skin are typically used for the exterior of the Kelly bag, with each bag created from a single uncut hide. Due to the amount of skill and work involved, it usually takes a talented craftsman around 18 hours to complete one bag. Sharing one of my newly acquired bags, this gorgeous Kelly bag in black! What a stunner! with gold details and the versatile Kelly strap.