Finally the perfect Chanel jacket

05, July 2017
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If I were  you I would wear this Chanel jacket this season.  For anyone who has read my blog posts, my affinity for all things Chanel is not shocking! I think Chanel is just so chic and amazing. I terms of details, you can never have enough Chanel pieces . I love the stripe details on the Chanel jacket. There is something to be said about a Chanel Jacket like this one that you can wear to any party and stand out. No matter how many times I look down at my jacket or catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror I still adore it just as much as when I first added it to my wardrobe. Possibly even more. This look is carried out sans effort , via the breezy white top  and a high note from the chains on the Chanel jacket. Then the clever bit: what on earth to do with the potentially heavy Chanel tweed in such a mood ? Why put it on with shorts. Thus chiming with the  leggy theme of the moment!