Fall in love with Chanel

28, February 2017
  • Scarf: Chanel,
  • Gloves: Chanel,
  • Bracelet: Chanel,
  • No Similar Looks Available

My favorite thing about this Chanel scarf is the vibrant colors and size of the scarf that you can manipulate into different shapes. This scarf is definitely going to be on constant  rotation for me this winter. Make sure you snag one from Chanel soon I promise you will not regret it. Finding the perfect Chanel piece to buy for the season  is a very  important task for my wardrobe. For the correct vibe and style  fit as always  is paramount. A scarf like this Chanel scarf is a good starting point in building your luxury wardrobe ( so worth the cost!) I have found so many uses for it and it goes so well with pieces from older Chanel collections too. I am thinking of wearing it under a Chanel skirt or jacket.  The pattern and style is timeless so  it can be reworked every season . This Chanel Scarf  makes it look like you know what you are doing without actually having to put in effort . And I am all about that. Keep following my posts this season to see all the different things that I have got planned for this Chanel scarf.

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