Chanel classics for today’s look

28, November 2016
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Hello dears! for today’s look it is all bout Chanel pieces ….and maybe the iconic Hermes  Birkin bag too. But the Chanel scarf……Love the scarf. Textures and pattern galore! But all in black and white of course. Chanel pieces are my go to for Fall. These are the pieces that make the biggest statement. And the Chanel pieces for today are all great examples! Every piece is either leather or wool so they are made for Fall’s cooler weather and easy to wear during the colder months.It is these Chanel  pieces that I find myself wearing over and over again ; I get the most mileage out of them since they are just so versatile.Take this Chanel scarf- this was my favorite to pull for this post. I was so pleasantly surprised at the pattern and drape of the scarf. Such a fun piece to play with! If you want to dress up a white look try  paring it with a scarf like this Chanel scarf  and a chic bag like this Hermes bag.And did you notice the contrast black color with the Chanel necklace, hat and gloves all stunning pieces!How many reasons do you have to have to want these Chanel pieces!

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