Have you ever wondered what makes some out fits so glamourous ?

30, June 2015
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Every dress needs a strong accessory to finish the look off. Accessories are central to conveying not only an appearance of glamour but the feeling of it. Sunglasses, jewelry, purse shoes and any other elements you may throw on ( a belt?hat?gloves?) that let you stand apart from the rest. This is one indulgence that isn’t bad for your health!

Accessories can tell a lot about your state of mind. The eyes might be the window to the soul but the jewelry, shoes, belt and handbag reveal where we are or where we’d like to be.

During the runway presentations each season,even more than all the newly rendered silhouettes, the oh-so important proclamations of long or short second skin tight or voluminous, the choices in accessories are a pointed keynote to a designer’s fashion state of the union.

In the not so distant past, glamour was about being an unapproachable distant, creature of beauty. To achieve that look required overwhelming artifice in every respect. Today we’ve evolved and broadened that concept into a much more modern ideal.It no longer means simply aspiring to be an object to look at a decoration. For me personally, glamour can mean being confident, professional,elegant and compassionate.

Here I have combined several  designers to create an air of mystery, luxury and glamour.  The Chanel scarf is over laid with the Chanel headband for that retro look. The Roberto Cavalli cocktail ring on one hand balances the YSL cocktail ring on the other hand to perfection. A true sense of style is not just following fashion but being unique. Having style is understanding the best way to present your self- because you feel  completely comfortable. It is being a participant in the world by contributing to it. To me that is attractive that is glamour.