Meet my new favorite Chanel piece

20, December 2015
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Since wool is such a cozy, lazy-day kind of material , I wanted to create a look that was crisp and slimming with clean lines. I think I achieved this in this Chanel ensemble. This  Chanel Shawl is my favorite Chanel piece at the moment. Dressed here with the Chanel jacket , hat and pants for a fresh take on the wool fabric. The length of the Chanel shawl  makes it perfect to wear over the Chanel  jacket  seamlessly . The look is classic , chic- and bold glamour . At the same time it gives a snug, seasonal feel. This Chanel  shawl ,like so many Chanel pieces is- simple in design so it can endure from season to season. The simplicity and timelessness of the style demands investing a little more money in the quality and craftsmanship.

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