Chanel dress and belt outfit for the day

30, September 2016
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Most mornings , I think accessories first, clothes second. A dress might go on first , but not far behind is a favorite belt  and  maybe cuffs.  How amazing is this Chanel belt teamed here with the Chanel dress! This lovely Chanel belt is a great staple piece that never goes out of fashion! It is timeless, something that I can rely on when I can not quite decide on what to wear. This Chanel dress is perfect for night out, days out holidays- pretty much everything! I especially love the fresh, bright print. Accessories like this Chanel belt are the antidote to the blahs, maybe even more than a smear of red lipstick. Some of my favorite all -time outfits- really come down to the accessories. Nothing satisfies a fashion craving in me than a Chanel belt or dress. Never leave accessories as an afterthought. Along with a great smile, they can make or break a look. And they always speak to your personal style.