What to get obsessed about this week

31, January 2017
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Everyone looks ten times cuter in Chanel. These Chanel boots are the perfect boots to obsess about this week. They are so beautiful ( these photos do not even do the boots justice )! I love the chain detail because it is so classic and Chanel. The boots can be worn with out the leather leggings which makes it so versatile and fun! Do not even get me started on the Chanel silver clutch bag. I love the shape and distressed leather. The pieces are simple but intricate and that is exactly what I look for in timeless accessories. These leather pieces together are a classic combination and pretty much fool proof. Everything you throw together looks like it belongs on instagram or twitter. After finding the perfect pair of leather shorts the rest of the outfit came together easily. If you have been following me on instagram or twitter you know I can never own enough Chanel pieces. So do not be surprised if I find a way to wear these again.