Floral printed dress by Betsey Johnson

09, July 2016
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Is anyone else more jazzed up than a box of crayons because of the way the weather is panning out this week? I for one can not keep my hands off the unofficial color books swirling around my  mind and the prints that come with them. Printed roses on a dress like this from Betsey Johnson is an inspiration for summer dressing. This dress really gets... read MORE

Wearing fashion clothes

08, May 2016
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Loving fashion means wearing it too Karl Lagerfeld. I adore utility pieces. You know, things that can be worn over and over, proving useful season after season. A wrap is one of those pieces. I have been wearing this one from the house of Prada for a few seasons now and have not run out of ways to style it. As a girl constantly on the go , running ... read MORE