What have the shows taught us this year

19, March 2017
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This season is all about unique textures, so naturally fur dove on the opportunity to reenter the fashion scene. Here I have matched  a sophisticated Chanel  fur with my wardrobe. Everything in this ensemble exudes the care free audacious and elegant aspect of femininity . By utilizing the right pieces I have managed to achieve a look for this se... read MORE

Kenzo on our minds today

14, March 2017
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Black and blue with a dash of pink. Feeling very Kenzo today. The brilliant part about this look is the fur vest from Chanel the fur mixed with the leather makes the basic vest decidedly less boring.And can this Kenzo leggings be any more perfect for these  Kenzo boots?Love the mix of color and the pattern is beyond. I have left of my love for a m... read MORE