Meet my new favorite sweater

26, January 2016
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Since wool is such a cozy, lazy-day kind of material, I wanted to create an ensemble that was crisp and slimming. So that this wool sweater from Bebe can be dressed up for a fresh take on the fabric. The length of the pencil skirt makes it perfect to wear with the Bebe sweater. The look is chic and sleek while still having the snug feel of wool. Th... read MORE

Step out in bold style

19, January 2016
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Life is dynamic , ever changing, and fluid: so too must our sense of style move and evolve. We are always striving for perfection, always striving for more. Everyone of us should constantly be honing our style skills and adjusting them to a changing audience. I am always acutely aware of what I am wearing and who will be seeing me in it. I take ris... read MORE