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15, February 2016
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As a girl who is constantly on the move running between work and a social life, I find that pieces like this Bebe shawl suit my life style. And make things really easy. Is that not what we all want after a day of work? Whether I am running out the door and need something to throw on last minute or am actively trying to create a look, I love a great... read MORE

Meet my new favorite Chanel piece

20, December 2015
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Since wool is such a cozy, lazy-day kind of material , I wanted to create a look that was crisp and slimming with clean lines. I think I achieved this in this Chanel ensemble. This  Chanel Shawl is my favorite Chanel piece at the moment. Dressed here with the Chanel jacket , hat and pants for a fresh take on the wool fabric. The length of the Chan... read MORE