Not a flower but Chanel

14, February 2018
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If I were you I would want to be me too in this all Chanel ensemble with the Alexander Mc Queen belt. How amazing is this Chanel scarf worn as a dress with the black Alexander McQueen belt! I just love the pink colors against the black patent leather belt . And dis you see the pink suede Chanel gloves just beyond!... read MORE

The best Chanel accessory

16, August 2017
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This is the ultimate Chanel accessory!  A Chanel scarf is a great investment just find a scarf that fits your mood at the moment- or the mood you would like to be in. It can be fun just discovering new manners of tying one on . More than any other element in your wardrobe, a scarf can be tied, twisted, folded and wrapped in countless ways. This Ch... read MORE