Out fit inspiration for today with Prada and Chanel

22, October 2016
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As the sun starts to shine a little less  brighter and the weather gets colder, you start to feel more ambitious about how to dress. The sandal  is  arguably the easiest shoe to slip your foot into  and to pair with your  clothes. Slip dress? check Cropped pants ? why not, go for it? Shorts? fun!  These sandals from the Giuseppe Zanotti label... read MORE

Look of the day Prada

15, October 2016
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If you are kind of cold right now and want to wear cut-offs leg warmers with platform sandals are the way to go. This way your feet are warm, you look  like you are wearing sock boots that hit your shins, your legs are cold but who cares because you get the denim cut- offs in and the top of your body is taken care of by a wool coat( utility jacket... read MORE