Saint Laurent sandals for today’s inspiration

25, December 2016
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One pair of amazing sandals! These pair of sandals from the iconic Saint Laurent house are the perfect pair to take to work or dress up any outfit. Shoes from saint Laurent are a little bit of a splurge  but they are totally justifiable. These purple pair are no different. Did you notice the clear vinyl mixed with the purple suede of the shoe? Vin... read MORE

It is time to rock Versace

06, November 2016
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A bold statement shoe what is not to love about this Versace sandal ! It is a wedge - a classic shape that never dates- with a bonus gold  studded seahorse pattern  for added whimsy  appeal. And that is without taking into consideration that is part of the iconic Versace  runway collection. Which  makes it a collector's piece into the bargain.... read MORE