Meet your new basic coat

10, March 2017
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Hello loves! This gorgeous Bebe coat has been on rotation this winter for me. It is literally becoming one of my favorite coats for sure. Hands down one of the coziest and fun coats to wear! My favorite part about this Bebe coat is that it is so warm ! And did you see the white fur details? This past weekend was so cold here in New York. You better... read MORE

Chanel classic accessories

29, December 2016
  • No Similar Looks Available
Hello amazing Chanel ring and Chanel  breastplate! Since Coats can feel like you are wearing the same thing on repeat, I love how unique this Chanel breast plate is paired with the Chanel ring.These pair of Chanel accessories are the perfect pair to dress up a coat or outfit. Both accessories are from the iconic house of Chanel but they have  suc... read MORE