The perfect Roberto Cavalli necklace

30, August 2017
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If I were you I would wear this gorgeous necklace from the iconic Roberto Cavalli house to a cocktail party or dinner on a Saturday night. It says that the weekend is here and time to party! I had actually worn this to the screening of  the Clive Davis movie : The Sound track of our lives at this year's Tribeca film festival. For anyone who has re... read MORE

Chanel secrets of chic

21, June 2017
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With perfect pitch, Karl Lagerfeld has dashed off yet another virtuoso demonstration of how to play up and down the classic Chanel scale in this gorgeous Chanel jacket. Just a classic jacket from the iconic Chanel house that is  up -tempo light and girly  in such a cute color!  What an amazing  jacket! Attracting all the attention to the pearls... read MORE