Women can have it all

25, October 2015
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It's about time: prestige watch houses are finally realizing that women are serious about their watches and are looking for more than adornment in an investment timepiece. Watch collecting , one of the last bastions of masculine-occupied territory, is attracting a growing number of female connoisseurs who are buying them for more than just telli... read MORE

If you’re sick and tired of that disorganized closet then read this

23, April 2015
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"Dressing well is a form of good manners" Tom Ford. In order to achieve my perfect look of the day in the shortest amount of time requires , that my closet be in tip top shape. Easy to navigate, have pieces easily viewed and accessible . How do you accomplish this? We must all agree that closet space is never big enough. However in the words of Sty... read MORE