going for the gold

17, February 2014
With any olympic sporting event there is always a favored  winner and an under dog who may or may not upset the favored winner . Putting this Chanel multi gold chain strand necklace with this topshop playsuit one would think the chain would shine as the winner not so. The under dog playsuit becomes the show stopper and steals the show.But one with... read MORE

Who needs a bag?

10, February 2014
  • Romper: Chanel,
  • Hat: Chanel,
  • Bag: Chanel,
  • Sandal: Giuseppe Zanotti ,
A few years ago I read an article written by some fashion editor in Europe who stated that the era of the statement bag was over and that she does not carrry a bag herself. I thought, lucky her. Thinking about it now she does have a point. I live in New York and dress as I please – come rain, snow, or sunshine. With a bag like this Chanel perfu... read MORE