Summer dressing with cotton and Dolce & Gabbana

27, July 2016
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Understated pieces are my go to pieces for summer. This is the one season when everything is easy and everyone is easygoing . This is just one of the reasons why summer is the best season for clothes.Take this white blouse from Zara , just so crisp white  and gorgeous. This is one of my favorite blouses to wear during the summer months. It looks r... read MORE

Accessories are the antidote to boring

12, January 2016
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Always aim for something that elicits a "wow". There is nothing fun, interesting , or glamorous in playing it subtle and safe. Do not be afraid of statement pieces. When considering a look for myself, there are many pretty outfits out there, but pretty can sometimes mean safe. And  that is probably not going to score a place on my best dressed lis... read MORE