Chanel classic accessories

29, December 2016
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Hello amazing Chanel ring and Chanel  breastplate! Since Coats can feel like you are wearing the same thing on repeat, I love how unique this Chanel breast plate is paired with the Chanel ring.These pair of Chanel accessories are the perfect pair to dress up a coat or outfit. Both accessories are from the iconic house of Chanel but they have  suc... read MORE

The allure of Chanel

07, May 2016
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I adore everything about dressing, I love the new fashion freedom women have. Fashion is great in that it compliments the vicissitudes of a woman's mood swings and never makes you pick  just one thing. If you have read my blog or followed my instagram page then you will know how much I love accessories. Chanel makes the best  accessories to produ... read MORE