Prada classics for this season

09, August 2017
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These are  my ultimate  go to  pieces from Prada. Items that I find myself  always wearing. Whether I am headed out for a few weekend errands or scrambling out the door to work, they are on my arms or feet. These  Prada leg warmers are going to be worn out by the end of the year! The options with the Prada skirt worn here are many. You can wea... read MORE

Prada outfit of the day

21, September 2016
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Miuccia Prada has long reveled in disrupting  perceptions of what is beautiful and stylish, by employing a mix and match formula that is stridently non- conformist and the polar opposite of the stripped- back modern minimalism that has previously occupied our minds and wish lists. At first blush, you might find this whole development daunting. But... read MORE