Versace body suit think pink

14, August 2016
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I am having a moment with blush or maybe  I have always been a pink girl.  Thanks to the present heat stroke I have had a chance to wear this pink  Versace body suit. I am stilly really obsessed with this Versace body suit  that I snagged a few seasons ago. The fit is perfectly lovely !  The color is just beautiful! And the cut is just right s... read MORE

If you ever wondered what to wear at Wimbledon then here is your answer

02, July 2015
  • Bodysuit: Versace,
  • Boots: Versace,
  • Skirt: Versace,
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There is no sport like tennis for fashion stories. The classic example has to be the lace trimmed knickers worn by "Gorgeous Gussie Moran at the 1949 Wimbledon Championships. As Elizabeth Wilson wrote in Love Game, her cultural history of tennis "the panties remained -front page news in newspapers and magazines on both sides of the Atlantic for wee... read MORE