Louis Vuitton and Bally for today’s out fit

03, January 2017
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It is a huge opportunity to figure out your own style( as opposed to the stuff you wear because you are told to )  You should always find out if you actually like the new trends first.There are a few brands that I have stayed loyal to over the years. Call me a creature of habit but there is something to be said for tried and true. One of those bra... read MORE

Bally’s rebirth

24, January 2016
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Bally has always been known for its anonymous luxury-chic and functional bags, shoes and clothing that are without labels. But all with thorough purpose. This is a Swiss company that has been involved in leather goods  since 1851 and continues to build on its 165 year history today. With the creative director Pablo Coppola and CEO Frederic de Narp... read MORE