Glamour is what you make of it

22, January 2016
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Glamour is a luxuriant reality marked by charming unexpected details. It is an upbeat mood sweeping through your day and into the night. It is  a life style you breathe in deeply and exhale. I adore everything about dressing, the art of design and the creativity of style. Fashion is always evolving- borrowing from the past but predicting the futur... read MORE

Point of view style wise

28, October 2015
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You pay close attention to taste makers and trends and you have all that in your head, but it still gets you down to who you are in relationship to all this. That is the point of truth. That's your point of reality. It's who you are. Editing one self is an ongoing process. This is as good as it gets in this moment. Tomorrow is another matter. We'll... read MORE