Best loved look with Chanel

30, January 2017
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If it seems like I am developing a signature look. I totally am. Mostly because I adore Chanel. The iconic Chanel house has so many amazing pieces. I am always having a blast combining my Chanel pieces in so may unique combinations. There  are endless combinations with this Chanel coat dress.Chanel hats are so easy to throw on on your way out the door. Grab one  and go! And did you see how I combined the two Chanel hats? The blue Chanel mink hat with the wide rim Chanel hat placed on top – genius. This Chanel coat dress is the cutes thing. That said it is  just the perfect fit too. It can be worn open  as a coat or closed as a dress. The Red sparkle weaved into the tweed represent every Chanel store in the world. This Chanel dress was a runway piece and makes it just that much more special to wear.