The man who knew infinity screening outfit

26, April 2016
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Nothing satisfies a fashion craving in me than a classic look like this a-line skirt from Bebe paired with the sweater from Betsey Johnson which I am wearing backwards for a bolder look. A modern girl always needs the basics in her wardrobe. I always appreciate timeless style. For me the bolder the outfit the better. I also love a striking color or notice- me -detail as in the purple stripe of the socks. This was the outfit I wore to the screening of a narrative film directed by Matthew Brown. The man who knew infinity. It is the story of Ramanujan  who was played by Dev Patel. Ramanujan A self-taught mathematics prodigy travels from his native home in  India to Trinity College Cambridge England.  Once he reaches England he and the esteemed professor G.H. Hardy played by Jeremy Irons fight together to have Ramanujan be recognized as a mathematics prodigy. They both battle prejudice, illness and culture clashes on the road to perfecting theorems that changed the course of mathematics history.

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