A laid back look with a rock star attitude

21, March 2016
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Editing one self is an on going process. Do not be afraid to rework a look to achieve a new significant style. Right now there is a lot of trend -on- trend happening . Anything seems to go this season as the fashion trend is individualist and the fashion universe is busy celebrating creative dressing in every permutation there is. I began this ensemble with the BCBG jacket- as a starting point. This is because a jacket is something everyone can relate to . But I put my own design touch on by adding  the Fendi belt and removing the belt the jacket came with.  One needs to dare to take chances like this in changing the look and feel of an outfit. An adjustment here or there in an outfit provides a sense of renewal . I always aim for luxury but one rooted in exceptional pieces such as this Fendi belt. All this attention to the waist calls for a full glamourous moment.