Backtrack a movie at the Tribeca film festival this year

30, May 2015
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As promised I am sharing with you all the great outfits I wore this year at the Tribeca  film festival . The festival draws a world wide audience and this year was no different . I  had to attend  a private screening of Backtrack as well as an after party discussion with the director and some of the actors. The movie  which   stared  Adrien Brody and Sam Neill hails from Australia . It was a supernatural thriller that involved  an unsolved mystery in a troubled psychotherapist life, who is compelled to return to a small town to solve it.

For this out fit the challenge was  in finding something that would be comfortable enough for the screening and yet chic enough to translate to  the next event being the after party. In all aspects this Chanel ecru blouse and white leather pants  solves this problem.

The billowing sleeves  of the blouse are very feminine and add a delicate balance to the leather pants . The white color is chic and is contemporary glamour at its best.