Falling in love with Chanel again

27, January 2017
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Can you tell I have a thing for wearing Chanel jackets? I love the tweed details on this Chanel jacket as well as the black and white color so classic and easy to match it goes with almost anything you throw at it ! I am obsessed with the fit and  the length  is perfect. The sleeves are a little shorter than a regular jacket which creates this ch... read MORE

The Prada coat you can not live without

26, January 2017
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With winter now in full swing now is the time that   I like to wear this Prada gingham pink coat. This gorgeous pink  print and wool  fabric cut right through winter's solemn mood. Prada is so romantic and fresh for winter. I teamed this  pink gingham Prada coat  with the silver Prada shoes  for today's look  and the Saint  Laurent silver b... read MORE