Chanel classics for today’s look

28, November 2016
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Hello dears! for today's look it is all bout Chanel pieces ....and maybe the iconic Hermes  Birkin bag too. But the Chanel scarf......Love the scarf. Textures and pattern galore! But all in black and white of course. Chanel pieces are my go to for Fall. These are the pieces that make the biggest statement. And the Chanel pieces for today are all g... read MORE

Chanel tweed in our hearts

27, November 2016
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Every time I wear this Chanel tweed jacket , I get compliments! My love for Chanel is real. This Chanel jacket is so cute with the fur details that is just beyond teamed with the  blue and red print tweed. And it is such an investment piece so worth the price. I am clearly all about Chanel  tweed jackets for fall ! They are just so easy to wear. ... read MORE