Versace out fit for the day my latest obsession

31, August 2016
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There is nothing more wearable than a skirt and blouse come summer. These are two pieces of clothing that do not require you to worry about what else you are pairing with them. And they are effortlessly feminine .This skirt and blouse from Versace  are my latest obsession .  So much so I bought the skirt in two colors !  Gold and a Blue one . Th... read MORE

Roberto Cavalli jumpsuit

30, August 2016
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I have a big crush on this Roberto Cavalli jumpsuit right now. It is no secret that I love the Roberto Cavalli brand , I mean how many times have you seen his pieces in my posts or twitter feed?  A lot! The thing I like about this jumpsuit is that you  can never go wrong with it. It just always looks stylish and timeless. Whether I am in a rush t... read MORE