Prada out fit for today fashion that functions is always in style

29, July 2016
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Understated pieces are generally my go-to for the summer months. It is pieces like these  that  often make the biggest statement. And the  out fit for today is a prime example ! Every piece  is white- rich in chic and crispness.  How gorgeous are the Prada shoes and sunglasses ?  Pieces like these I  tend to find myself wearing over and over... read MORE

Shine for the day in your Saint Laurent sequins

28, July 2016
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Contrast, as ever is key in wearing sequins during the day. Why would you want to save  your sequins and metallic shirts just for evening, when they work so well in daylight too ! The key to making them work-or weekend - appropriate is to down play them.  Whether that is styling them with a denim jacket and sneakers or under sharp, masculine tail... read MORE