Chanel white jacket

30, June 2016
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If you have noticed I have been wearing a lot of white like crazy lately . I love combining  white  for Summer with many out fits. White captures light, illuminates the face  and enhances beauty. Having  a  beautiful Chanel jacket  like this one makes it real easy to  mix other styles and pieces, because it sets the standard. It makes it loo... read MORE

An appetite for Hermes bags

29, June 2016
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This bag is the most recognized handbag in the world. The most desirable and super chic and chic matters. There is no better way to show that you have really made it than having a hand bag named after you. It is an honor bestowed on only a few and one that money can not buy. Did you know that the Birkin bag was named after English actress Jane Birk... read MORE