My recent crush

31, October 2015
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I have a crush on this vest by Jil Sander. As you all know I am a big fan of the label. Founded in Germany in 1967 , Jil Sander has always defined her brand as a focus on simple modern luxury. Categorized by subtle details and unparalleled  quality- the Jil Sander philosophy has stood the test of time. Now forming the base of an internationally re... read MORE

Being powerful is like being a lady

30, October 2015
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We're always striving for perfection, always striving for more. For me personally, glamour and being a lady can mean being strong, professional ,elegant and compassionate. Some of the women I find most glamorous are the most proactive about a whole range of issues. They exude a confidence in having a voice of their own. Always bring out your ver... read MORE