Why Chanel cost so much

31, August 2015
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Timeless, classic elegant founded in 1909 Chanel has changed the fashion landscape by designing innovative silhouettes, gorgeous bags and creating a luxury short hand that is world known .   Gabrielle (C0co) Chanel during the course of an extraordinary and unconventional journey-helped to forge the idea of modern woman a new kind of glam... read MORE

Eight simple steps to packing like a travel warrior

30, August 2015
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When it comes to packing in style here are some simple rules to follow to ensure you have all you need at your destination without any stress. These simple rules are what I go by and take the guess work out of packing a bag for a short trip of a week or more. 1. When it comes to luggage, aim for streamline. Go for cases you can haul effortlessly... read MORE