Who wore it best ?

30, April 2015
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Donatella Versace is a style icon I very much admire and aspire to emulate. I follow her design choices both from on and off the runway. Her choices are so on point with fashion as a whole I just want to wear her like this season's Versace coat. Her chic bold persona is to be admired and tried . She is identified by the bright, bold colors and figu... read MORE

How to survive a closet attack and other indecisive wardrobe moments

29, April 2015
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A closet attack is by definition that moment when your carefully picked out, outfit just want do and is not working for you to put it on and leave the house. The reasons for this are many and not so obvious . Whatever the reasons are, you are now forced to come up with a plan B or even Plan Z depending on how long it may take and last. Out of a ... read MORE